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Rugby player physical inspection

Tom is a hot manly rugby player with a hairy muscular body and a pert firm arse. He has an irresistibly dopey expression on his face while answering questions in his deep monosyllabic voice. He's the very embodiment of a hot dumb jock and the FirstAuditions casting director is the lucky bugger who gets to film him fully naked for the very first time. His naked physical inspection video is something we're going to savour for a long time. You heard it here first: Tom is going to be a big porn star.

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Model forced to have man on man sex

Edgars is told there is no way he can get work unless he participates in man on man sex. He comes back and two men interview him about what he thinks happens in gay porn. They go through this list and perform each action step by step catching all the awkwardness of a straight guy being taught how to give another man sloppy kisses, taste cock for the first time, lick male ass and get fucked! It’s so horny seeing this fit young lad getting his first taste of man sex. Download and save the full video at FirstAuditions!

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Drunk lads

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